Discussion #7: Americanization

Why does American pop culture have such an influence on Satrapi and kids her age?

 For this discussion think about what in our culture is “Americanized”; pick something in our culture (food, music, shopping, customs, etc…) which has a significant influence on teenagers in America. 

 Discuss the importance of this item/idea and post a point (a pro) and a counterpoint ( a con)for  your analysis of the item/idea. 

 For your post:  Consider the question about Satrapi in your response.  Then, be creative and TRY not to post the same item/idea as someone else in the class. 

 For your response address the point and counterpoint of the original posting.

Discussion #6

Identify a modern example of humor that you find effective–a skit on SNL, an article, a cartoon, scene in a show/movie, etc. – and discuss what makes it humorous.  Be clear to identify the specific reasons that the “joke” works and analyze its effect on a modern audience (yourselves).  You will need to explain it –include a quick summary and a link/post – something that helps us to know exactly what you are analyzing.  Who is it aimed toward?  What is the thing that makes you laugh, chuckle, even just grin?  What makes it effective?

Discussion #5

Choose a quotation from the Transcendentalism readings (Emerson and Thoreau packet) that you particularly like and link the idea expressed within the quote to something in our modern culture.  Consider elements of our lives such as pop culture, technology, school, family, politics, media, etc.  Be very specific –

Discussion #4

Select two statements from The Crucible  viewing guide in which you had one strong “agree” opinion and one strong “disagree” opinion.  Express your rationale for each in a well-developed paragraph.  Remember to write reflectively and scholarly as you post your original post and response to peers.

Discussion #3

As we begin the American Literature part of the course, we will be investigating and analyzing the origins of American ideals and the cultural expectations America has had over time. 

As a way to begin, I’d like to ask you all to discuss what you, in your modern era, think of when you think “America.”  Consider any part of  culture when you respond:

What does it mean to be “American”?  Are the expectations that our culture holds for us easy to achieve?  Are these expectations worthy of achievement?   Why or why not?

Taking the Week Off…

We are officially taking the week off this week – 9/6-9/11.  We will pick back up on Monday 9/12…

If you just can’t imagine having a week without an online discussion, feel free to respond to this post with whatever is on your mind:)


Official Blog Assignment

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Please reply to this post with a quick affirmation that you have read this assignment and are aware of the criteria, expectations, and guidelines.



Hey, everybody!

I hope you all had a delightful summer and that you are (even just a little) excited to get back to school.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you and getting the chance to work with you this year.

You are living in a digital age and it is increasingly important for school to realize that.  Most of you will go off to college and go on to work in professions that will require online communications.  You will likely take a course in college that will require it, but in our increasingly global community, online discussions will work their way into your professional lives as well to communicate near and far.

In order to be sure that we are all on the same page regarding HOW we will have these discussions, please read the Rules of Engagement It is extremely important that you are aware of the expectations upon each of you in a discussion online.  You will be held firmly to these rules.

Don’t worry — this will not take the place of in-class discussions but it is rather another form of thinking and working that you will be expected to engage in throughout this year.  For some of you, this is a thrill!  We look forward to hearing from you.  For some of you, you are panicking.  Don’t.  You really can’t go wrong as long as you are putting good effort into it and following the Rules of Engagement.

You will be expected to visit this site often for discussion assignments, links, and relevant materials to supplement our work in the classroom.  I can’t wait to read what you have to say:)


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